Bowling Tips For Family Fun

Bowling Tips For Family Fun

It’s Friday night and you have worked all day and just want to relax. Your loved one sits next to you and your children sit on another couch across the room. The typical Friday night has begun. Nothing extreme just you, your family, and your oversize TV watching a kids program. As you watch your program, commercials begin and you find yourself watching a family at a bowling alley having fun. They are talking, laughing, and enjoying time with each other through different events. You then begin to wonder, what if I did this with my family?

Bowling allows for an experience in which the family can enjoy for many years to come. With many different experiences and activities to enjoy at your local bowling facility, you can transform your Friday night in front of the TV into memories for you and your family. Here is a couple of tips to get you started when attending your local bowling alley:

Bowling Alley

Bowling is the primary event when attending a night at the alley. But, is that all you can do when going to a bowling alley? Think again, with the majority of the people that go bowling being families or date nights spice up your night with a battle of the family members or sexes. Allow for the total score to be the indicator if the team has one to give a complete team effort and create an competitive environment for all involved. If being competitive isn’t your thing try going to the bowling alley around 8PM.

On average, this time at the bowling alley is normally for the “dance” party and the light will go out. With potential dancing and loud music this creates a bowling experience that you will never forget. Here is a tip, on occasion you will find your local alley will have a “glow in the dark” bowling time. Wear your neon to allow for distractions when competing against others. Your shirt or shows will distract the team and allow for there eye sight to go else where when throwing the ball down the alley. You will be sure to win no matter the score!


Finally, most bowling alleys will have an arcade in them. With either allowing for the children to get other prizes or allow for the adults to be kids again, the arcade is a great way to make the party never stop. My suggestion is to take some coins . With the majority of the bowling alleys being “older” the arcade machines will be old as well. Pennies can be used in place of tokens and cost you nothing but gain additional games with no cost. Try it out and let the tickets roll in.

The main objective during bowling is just to have fun and enjoy yourself. If you are at the snack bar, alley, or arcade enjoy and create the memories with your family. It isn’t every night you get throw 15 pound balls around and act like a kid in an arcade and get away with it!

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